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Sri Lanka Environment Exploration Society
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Leading school children to conservation activities.

Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Kurulukele forest reserve

The Kurulu kele area within the wildlife sanctuary in Kegalle district is subject to unauthorized encroachment, removal of the forest cover for use as firewood, removal of herbs with a medicinal value, people entering the forest area and causing pollution by littering with polythene and other non-degradable waste. Objectives, activities, groups involved Protecting of biodiversity in urban forest and its endemic flora and fauna, educating communities on biodiversity conservation

Enhancing capacities of participating students to become catalysts on environment protection and making the community aware of the sustainable use of forest and its resources.

Programme concentrated on schools situated around the forest reserve. Awareness raising, establishing environment committees, photographic training, nature trailing in forest patch for students of four selected schools. Communities living around forest patch given fuel efficient stoves to minimise denudation of forest for fuelwood.

2500 students in schools around the Kurulukele nature reserve made aware of biodiversity conservation issues. 15 workshops held for this purpose. Kurulukele being one of the very few forests situated within a busy city, Its importance as a carbon sink and the need to arrest encroachment were emphasised at the workshops. Approximately 1000 community members living around Kurulukele reserve made aware of energy conservation issues and energy efficient stoves distributed.

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