Sri Lanka Environment Exploration Soiciety
Sri Lanka Environment Exploration Society
Sri Lanka Environment Exploration Society
Leading school children to conservation activities.

SAYEN Programme

 South Asia Youth Environment Network has membership from all the SAARC countries. A organization in each of the SAARC country has been identified as the National Focal Point (NFP) for the network.SLEES as the National Focal Point facilitated SAYEN activities in Sri Lanka such as publication of books, environmental conservation programmes, school workshops etc.

SAYEN Focal Point Activities

Following activities were conducted by SLEES as the national focal point of South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN).

  • Commemoration of World Environment Day June 2007 with the participation of school students. Photos
  • Conducting school environment conservation programmes.Photos


Conservation of Puntius Bandula

Youth in Water Conservation for Energy Conservation

Guidelines for documenting case studies

Guidelines for Documenting Best Practises